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PostSubject: Rune Legacyy 317   Sat May 07, 2011 4:52 am

This server is still and always will be a work in progress. My goals are to set the boundaries as close to RuneScape in the older days but make it fun, and less time consuming. I take in all suggestions and am regularly active, please post any suggestions on this board or on our official. The server is and will always be a work in progress for years to come.

    To play please visit Rune Legacy - Webclient

    Our forums: Rune Legacy

Quote :

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. My plans for Rune Legacy

A little bit about myself and my Project Rune Legacy: Hello I'm Genesis and I'm 17 years old. That is all you need to know about me. I started Rune Legacy around Mid October, I stopped the project because of personal reasons as well as issues with my Paypal Account. Now I'm working on it, but as a different server.
My goals for Rune Legacy isn't to be another "RuneScape Remake", as I am a person that is very aware of my surroundings and I have noticed that 80% of those remakes end up failing.

No no, my plans for Rune Legacy are different. I have been a fan of RuneScape since 2006, so you will notice a lot of things taken from RuneScape and added here. But what my main goal is to mix what RuneScape has, and create my own artistic style of this game. I want to create something unique and different from all other servers, something to brag about and say "Yeah, I'm the person that made that!". I want to take a simple idea, and take it beyond comprehension of what other servers have.

Okay, so now about experience. Most server have a very basic skilling and are practically all the same in every server I personally ever joined. For example, Mining is click the rock get full inventory and bank. If there's an ::empty command you can actually abuse that and bot on some server. I don't want this, I don't want that for Rune Legacy. Determination and effort, that's how you get a Skill Cape in RuneScape. But this isn't RuneScape this is Rune Legacy.

So I'm taking some of their ideas but not all. In my Mining, when you mine ores they will deplete and respawn. This might be annoying for some people, but I can tell you it shouldn't be as I'm not making skilling too hard nor too easy. Mining isn't the only skill I've improved, just the one I'm using an example of as of right now. As I am improving ALL the classes and making sure everything is neat.

Note: This isn't a skilling server only. It is Skilling, Merching, Player Killing, Questing, Minigame MMO server. Just as RuneScape. I want to make it so all the level 3's and 40's are having just as much fun as the level 80's and 120's. I'm going to balance everything out.

If you read this, thank you and I do hope you play Rune Legacy in the near future. If you didn't, I hope you still play and enjoy the pictures I have provided.
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|__The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.__|

Quote :

Rune Legacy

--Old School style play
-Unique Style of gameplay
-Improved Prayer
-Realistic RuneScape Woodcutting
-Barrows MiniGame
-Thzaar Minigame
-Thieving started from scratch including pickpocketing
-Preload Models
-RuneScape realistic fishing. At times recieving random fish such as tuna/swordies, anchovies/shrimps etc.
-Skill Cape Emotes
-Duel Arena
-Realistic Cooking more like RuneScape, and able to cook on fire.
-Bank Pin Support
-Tokkul Shops with Obsidian Items
-Mining more like RuneScape with ore respawn
-Welcome Screen Interface
-In game music
-Muting in game music
-Improved Firemaking
-Quest System
-474 Npc's and objects
-New 474 home teleports
-Add new GodWars
-New 474 maps
-Improved Agility
-Freaky Forester
-Mime Random Events
-Item on Player

Quote :
An introduction to Castle Wars

This section is being revised. Please check back soon!

Featured Videos

The videos shown are are outdated, gameframe wise, but stay the same gameplay wise.
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Rune Legacyy 317
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