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 Kurasu Shinu, at your service

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PostSubject: Kurasu Shinu, at your service   Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:12 am

Hello, my name is Greed.
You might also know me as Kurasu Shinu, Ryuusei, StarForce, God, And Shiv.

I have a high interest in RuneScape Private Servers, because they are fun in coding and in playing.,
I was introduced to this server by no other then the (not)amazing Chargers.

I can code Java, RuneScript, HTML, Oracle, C++, C#, C, CSS, dotNET, and some more.
I am overseas from my real home, which is in the US, In Virginia, And that's all the location you're getting, Smile.
Overseas, I am on vacation, and non-vacation. I am taking a 3 month course (would be longer, but I have school) on C++ and Animation (Professional, over $500 a week, and no, I'm not Batosi-Rich).
I have my own website, and I love Iced Tea and Chinesse food, ooh, and Subway. drunken
My favorite Cartoons/Manga/Anime/Other Crap are Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, MegaMan!#@!, Jhonny Bravo (Oh Yeah!), and some Ben 10 (The original).

Now, for some real life. I make videos and music with my best friend, Austin Hess (Ikiru Shinu, Aero, etc.) and our inspiration is Smosh. We often get in trouble, mostly cause of him. I have Black hair, not dyed. I like to were my Hermali (Spelling?) Exchange Jacket, Cost over $300, from my best friend, Austin. I'm 14 years old, and have played every single sport on a team but baseball, football, and basketball. Currently, my favorite sports are Lacrosse, Soccer, And Swimming. I live in a middle-high class house, and I am a pretty good artist. *Get's hit in the head by Austin* (What? Tell The Truth! Fine...) I am a GOOD artist, and like to do alot of stuff art related. My friends call me funny, I am easy to know, and am being slowly being drawn into the darkness by none other then my inspiration to all, my god, Batosi (Alex, AjCorp). I love Macs (the computer) although I don't have one (send me one and I'll love you forever...oh, and I'll give you Harrison. Twisted Evil ) And the company Apple Inc.
My Favorite Songs Are: [x] [x] 'nd some more.

That's all For now, I'll update later.
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Kurasu Shinu, at your service
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